Elm Cove Cottages: Cottage #4     4-Bedroom, 9 people (up to 8 adults)
Plan of Elm Cove Cottages Floorplan of Cottage #4
This cottage has 4 bedrooms ~ 1 queen, 2 double, 2 single bunk beds & 1 single bed
~ with a capacity of 9 people; suitable for up to 8 adults & the remainder in children.
Elm Cove Cottages: #4 beachside Elm Cove Cottages: #4
Cottage #4 is ideal for two families, as well as an extended family,
and functions well as the main space for a larger group with several cottages.
This is a comfortably-spaced cottage with convenient access to the beach and pool from two patio doors.
Elm Cove Cottages: #4, looking toward the beach Cottage #4 firepit
Patio doors in the kitchen & living~dining area border an array of windows for a panoramic
view of the lake and beach. The kitchen includes a 2-door fridge/freezer & dishwasher.
This cottage has a skylight and a 4-piece bathroom, with bath and shower.
Cottage #4 kitchen
Cottage #4 bathroom
Cottage #2 bedroom
Cottage #4 living area
Cottage #4 living area Cottage #4 living area

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